12 December 2008

Today the NRL board rubber stamped the two referee model to be used in the NRL in 2009.  I'd like to say that the rugby league community, have been calling for two refs for over 20 years.  I trialled one model with Denis Spagarino in 1987.  We trialled other models only a few years ago.  They all didn't work.  This model has worked in the Toyota Cup competition games in the last four rounds of 2008.  However NRL is a whole different ball game and the only way to know if it will work is to try it.  There will be the knockers whether it's good or not and the referees are preparing themselves well but if it doesn't work then I never want to hear anyone say again, "the games too fast for one bloke we need two refs".

23 September 2008

There were a number of controversial video ref decisions over the second weekend of semi finals.  The two most noteable were the penalty try in the Warriors/Roosters game and the Ingliss No Try in the Melbourne/Broncos game.  The majority of people I have spoken to disagree with the penalty try but still plenty agree with it.  Steve Clark and Phil Cooley argued their case for a penalty try in our video ref meeting which were split 50/50.  Were they wrong or right ?  Neither.  This is one of those decisions that rely solely on opinion.  You can agree with their opinion or not and who is right well that depends on your opinion.  Look at it this way if Simpkins and I were in the box Friday night it would've been No Try penalty Roosters.  We believe Minichiello put his right arm across the body of Hohaia preventing him from having a fair contest and it was then that Hohaia locked Minichiello's arm.  So both were as bad as each other.  Then at the crucial time Hohaia pushes Mini again.  This is why we would penalise the Warriors.  But we couldn't give a penalty try because of Mini's actions first.

The second controversial try sees Ingliss in front of the kicker, only just but clearly in front.  Players need to have both feet behind the point of contact between foot and the ball when kicked.  It was fantastic to watch and deserved a try but offside is offside.




Continuing on from my opinion on Wade McKinnon spitting.  The A league soccer have shown us up with the nine week suspension of one of their players for spitting at another player.  They did have the advantage of seeing the flack that came the NRL's way for such a joke of a suspension but it doesn't matter they got it right.   They gave a player to player spitting charge nine weeks so I dare say had it been player to official they'd have tacked a few extra weeks on.  Well done A league.


Last weeks suspension of Warriors player, Wade McKinnon,  certainly has got everyone talking and coming out and blasting the judiciary panel for such a minor suspension.   I to felt the suspension was inappropriate to put it politely.  There is only one step higher than spitting at a ref and that is assault.  The one lower is verbal abuse.  I think the three weeks would have only just been enough for abuse and that's not a severe case of abuse either.  I thought the NRL prosecutor got it right when he asked the judiciary panel for a term of 9 to 11 weeks.  I think 12 weeks would have been right on the money.  Had the spit hit the touchy then I'd like to see him out for 12 months.  We can only shake our heads and hope it never happens again.





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