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30 September 08

This Sunday the 5th October I've been appointed to my third successive grand final as video referee.  I'm sharing the box with video referee Steve Clark.  It's no secret that Steve and I don't always agree on decisions and it may happen this weekend but rest assured we will be very professional about how we do our business.  The bottom line is if we don't agree then it's my final decision and I live or die by it.  Tony Archer narrowly beat Shayne Hayne for the job and I mean narrowly.  Shayne refereed the house down throughout the semi finals and had a great year and is entitled to feel guttered but here's where strength of character comes into it.  Tony maintained his number one profile all year, refereeing the origin series and performing as expected week in week out.  He had to work hard to keep Shayne out of the top spot and come up with the goods.  He won his grand final by being appointed but now he has to finish it off with a top performance.

9 September 08

This Friday 12th September 2008 I've been appointed to video referee the first semi final of the 2008 series. Sydney City Roosters v Brisbane Broncos at the Sydney Football Stadium.  This should be a great start to the semi final series 4 v 5.  Roosters go into the game with the home ground advantage but will have their hands full with a team playing to give their only club coach and a man they all respect the appropriate send off, A WIN and another crack at a grand final.

 8 September 08

Saturday morning 13th I'm up early for my 7.30am flight to Port Moresby, PNG.  I'm on my annual trek to referee the PNG NRL Grand Final.   This will be my 4th consecutive PNG GF and I can't wait.  They love their footy and the whole country virtually comes to a standstill.  Last year the NRL semi final was in Auckland on the Friday night so I went through one hell of journey to get to PNG by Saturday afternoon.  Planes were cancelled out of Auckland, my plane was delayed in Sydney which enabled me to get on but it meant late into Cairns for my connection to PNG.  Fortunately Air Niugini held the plane up for 1 hour until I arrived.  I made it but this year it will be easy with a Sydney game and straight to the airport early Saturday.  Saturday night in PNG I'm usually out and around some of the clubs promoting the GF.  Last year I was with Darren Lockyer and Peter Ryan.  Pete and I had it pretty easy with Darren being mobbed.  Sunday morning is usually out sightseeing then back to the hotel for a rest before the 3pm kick off.  Return home first thing Monday.  Check in next week to read a full report of the trip and the match and i'll post some photo's in the gallery.

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